The 50th Year Reunion was held on 11-12 July 2008 at the Plains Art Museum , 704 First Ave No, Fargo. The Reunion Committee was co-chaired by Andrea HUNTER Halgrimson, Mary FOSTESON Schutz, and Ruth ENGH Westrick.

Headshot Pictures of Attendees

Updates/Changes To Booklet

Reunion Speech by Roger Aus

Andrea Hunter Halgrimson wrote this Fargo Forum article on our reunion

The 50th is over but we are still looking for these classmates listed here

Reunion Pictures

Headshot Pictures of Attendees

Because of server size and loading problems, I am not using every picture sent to me. I am trying to use those with good frontal views, so you won't see many long views, many dancing pics, people with eyes closed, etc. I'm receiving many many pictures. More are coming from classmates and eventually we'll see those taken by the professional photographer. Thanks so much for all your support. Enjoy the pictures!!

Group A - Contributed by Joann (Herrmann) and Duke Forsell

Group B - Contributed by Joann (Herrmann) and Duke Forsell

Group C - Contributed by Dorothy Ann Revell Larson

Group D - Contributed by Joann (Herrmann) and Duke Forsell

Group E - Contributed by Margaret Hamilton

Group F - Contributed by Beverly Bien
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Committee: Georgia Aalgaard, Mary Fosteson, Andrea Hunter, Margaret Hamilton, Jane Kaiser, Ruth Engh, Jane Ann Hunter, Belvadere Arneson, Mary Borland

Committee: Andrea HUNTER Halgrimson, Mary FOSTESON Schutz, Margaret NEEB Myers, Ruth ENGH Westrick, and Ruth HANSON Stefonowicz
The Pictures Below Contributed by Helen Ostby Just

Joan Nellis Schneider, Carol & spouse

Connie Blumhardt Lundberg & Darlene Sigurdson

Carol Hiltwein

Delberta Dawson Ottesen & Connie Blumhardt Lundberg

Joan Nellis Schneider & Mom, a '35 Graduate of FCHS

Dinner photo
The Pictures Below Contributed by Jerome Larson
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Agassiz Junior High Group

Bob Thorson, Georgia Aalgaard, Barry

Karen Wold, Margaret Hamilton

Bob Thorson

Roger Jacobsen, Mike Jarvis
Jim Cole

Susan Bohlig

Dave Williams
The Pictures Below Contributed by Ruth Hanson
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Elenor, Cynthia Marzolf, Linda Amundson

Linda Lein, Bob Eidsvold

Front: Pat, Gayle, Diane
Back: Ruth, Margaret, Ruth Ann, Karen

Jefferson Grade School
Front: Gail, Gerry, Ruth, Mary
Middle: Linda, Sue, Kathy, Margaret
Back: Gordon, Jim, Jerome, Horace, Dave
OK - Where's Bob?

Front: Gail, Geraldine, Ruth, Margaret
Back: Jerome, Jim, Horace, Dave, Kathy, Gordon
He's Not Here Either !!
Pre-Reunion Documents

Registration Form
Committee Announcement Letter - March 2008
April 2008 Reunion Letter from Ruthie Engh Westrick
Committee Announcement Letter - July 2007