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From Mike Peterson
Ruth Engh sent a note indicating that in response to Roger's suggestion below, a card of sentiments was sent to Bea. It was a singing card and she put a note on the front of the card asking her to imagine 356 faces from the FCHS class of '58 bringing the greeting to her and some nice comments on the inside of the card with all our appreciation.
From Roger Aus
Thanks for forwarding the article about Bea Ihlenfeld, [Note: Article on Bea Ihlenfeld ], passed on by Ruthie.

She taught me to play tennis during one summer at Island Park, for which I will always be grateful. She was kind and emphasized the positive, encouraging one to move ahead, whatever ability one had.

Would it be possible for us as a class (1958) to congratulate her on her 100th birthday in November and express our gratitude for all she meant to us during our high school years? I'm sure Ruthie could find a way to do that.

Roger (from a very rainy and dark Berlin)

Click Here for Some Pics from September 2012 Luncheon

From Mike (Dino) Peterson
Published in Fargo InForum – September 11, 2012, John Lamb Forum Reporter

Artist Kay Ornberg [ Note: Classmate Kay Jensen ] closing downtown Art Connection

This Thursday will be the last Corks & Canvas event of the year. As the summertime art and wine walk comes to an end, so does one of the participating galleries. Art Connection at 520 Broadway closes its doors by the end of the month.

After six years co-managing the space, Kay Ornberg says it’s time to step away from a store and get back to the studio. The lease on the space expires at the end of the month, and she thought long and hard over whether to renew the contract or close up shop before making the decision. “There were too many things taking all of my time and I wasn’t getting enough time to paint,” she says. Prolific in all of her artistic endeavors, Ornberg says she has only been able to create two paintings this year.

Art Connection, however, is packed with her work. Watercolors are stacked on one another on the walls and display areas, or even laying on the floor, propped against the wall. One bin holds 30 matted watercolors and older woodcuts. Her hand-made clothing hangs on racks or off the edges of exhibition fixtures and half-walls.

The space also includes work by glass artist Jon Offutt, painter Mackenzie Kouba and the late ceramicist Bob Kurkowski.

Ornberg’s Art Connection shares the two-front space with Reed & Taylor Antiques. That business will move at the end of the month to a spot in the old Dakota Business College on Main Avenue near Eighth Street in Fargo, said owner Donna Ormiston. Offutt will exhibit at that new space.

Whatever Ornberg doesn’t sell, she’ll move back to her rural home near Rollag, Minn. Her photos, prints and paintings range from 20 percent to 50 percent off, her clothing is from 50 percent to 75 percent off. Similarly work by the other artists is discounted.

Art patrons can still see her works even after she moves. Her Rollag studio, converted from an old granary, will be a featured stop on the Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists’ Studio Crawl Oct. 6 and 7.

“It was a terribly hard decision,” she says of the decision to close. “Each artist likes to see their works on display.”

She also liked displaying her pieces with those of other artists. In particular she points to Kouba’s work.

“She’s in her 20s and very intense,” Ornberg says. “I don’t know if Mackenzie has learned as much from me as I have from her.”

For her part the 27-year-old Kouba said she liked displaying at Art Connection after neighboring Upfront Gallery closed.

“I liked being in the space and interacting with other artists at different points in our lives,” Kouba says. “We both got quite a bit from each other.”

The last in line

When she opened Art Connection six years ago, she joined three other gallery spaces all next door to each other on the 500 block of Broadway. When she closes later this month, she’ll be the last to go. Upfront Gallery closed two years ago at about the same time Gallery 514 moved three blocks south to 214 Broadway and became ecce art + yoga. Last summer Funky Junque closed shop. Mark Weiler, owner of ecce says the move to the other side of the railroad tracks was a good one. “Walking traffic has increased for me 10-fold,” he says. He even sees a big bump in those that don’t necessarily stop in, but may browse while passing by. “The window exposure alone is dramatically increased,” he says, crediting his position between downtown’s swanky hangouts Monte’s and the Hotel Donaldson. The current space he’s in, formerly occupied by Hurley’s Religious Goods, is much bigger and offers more room to display art, he says.

A life in art

Art Connection wasn’t Ornberg’s first stab at selling her art on Broadway – she had a booth in the first Downtown Street Fair 37 years ago. Raised just a few blocks north near where Shanley High School was at the time, she recalls taking art classes as a pre-schooler. In junior high she chose art classes over home economics because her mother already taught her to sew. At Concordia College she studied under painters Betty Strand and Cy Running, graduating with an art and education degree. She kept making art even after starting a family. One of the reasons she started watercolors was because she thought it would be safer with her two small girls – now 45 and 50 – in the house.

The medium stuck and in the mid-1980s she won first place in a National Watercolor Society show

In the 1990s she started attending studio art classes at Minnesota State University Moorhead so she could work from models. Many of the nude watercolors from that period are available at Art Connection.

Lately she’s moved on to shooting pictures, inspired by the “gorgeous” land around her in Rollag. “I’m not a photographer. I’m an artist with a camera,” she says, explaining that she likes the immediacy of photography. While she’s looking forward to getting back to painting and making art of all sorts, she’s also waiting for some time with her husband and handyman Paul. “He worked so hard to help me and he needs a break,” she says. “Maybe we can do more things together and less work.”
From Mike (Dino) Peterson
Forum InForum, Published September 09, 2012, 12:00 AM

Joel and Phyllis (Ferrie) Thurlow celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends Labor Day weekend. They plan to return to Germany, where they spent the first years of their marriage.
They were married Sept. 15, 1962, at Phyllis’ childhood home in Bagley, Minn.
Joel retired from Thurlow Welding and Machine in 2011, and Phyllis retired from the insurance business in 2005.
They have a daughter, Tracy Thurlow Lebo, Chicago; and two grandsons, Jake and Josh.

From Sandy Nelson
Hi Mike,
I'm going to be in Fargo and at the lake this week and hope to make it to the Wednesday luncheon at the Holiday Inn with Jane Ann. That's not a "for sure" as we're traveling but I think we can work it into our schedule that day. We have to be in Minneapolis that afternoon as we're staying a few days with Judy (Anderson) and Phil Schwarz.
From Elmer Nord
Hey buddy, a friend from South Georgia and I attended the July Luncheon. I had the privilege of talking with Joe Thurlow, Bruce Hanson, Bob Toussant(sp), Ruth (Engh) Westrick, and Ann Carlson. We rode our motorcycles to Pelican Lake from Atlanta and had a blast. We met with some of the old Topper Club Alumni - Jerry Johnson, Mickey McQuire, Gordy Cannon, and David Conmy at another Luncheon at the Speakeasy in Moorhead. Also, had a nice pontoon boat ride with Mary (Borland) Goldberg and Jane Ann (Hunter) Hyjek on Pelican Lake. Wow, for the wonderful memories!! On the way back to Atlanta we stayed one night in Clear Lake, IA and viewed the sight where Buddy Holly's plane crashed. Strangely, we arrived at the sight as the sun was setting, and there were still people walking to and from the sight - and this is over 50 years later as their fatal flight to Moorhead, MN occurred on February 3, 1959.

Click Here for Some Pics from August 2012 Luncheon

From Mike (Dino) Peterson
I knew it ! I knew my memory would mess me up. 58ers Stephanie Matthiasson and Bruce Hanson were also at the August luncheon. And I even talked with Bruce !! Sorry guys. Anyway, I hope the last one of the year next week turns out to be a great one.
From Mike (Dino) Peterson
The last of the summer Lakes Luncheons is approaching. Next Wednesday, September 12th, 11:30am. The Holiday Inn, Highway 10 East, Detroit Lakes. Just show up. No reservations. (218) 847-2121. We were in town when last month’s luncheon popped up. I had a great time and enjoyed talking with a few classmates and getting caught up on what they are doing. At the risk of my ol memory failing me, as it does quite often lately, I had a chance to talk with 58ers Ruth Engh, Patti Nelson, Pat Carlson, Terry Tvedten, Joel Thurlow (and wife Phyllis), Bob Toussaint (and wife Pepper Kilfoyl ‘60), Dick Remme, Dick Harris, Dallas Backer, and some 59ers; Jim Ebsen, Mick McGuire, and Bruce Berend, and Ann Peterson ‘56, and Porky Kilfoyl. I tried to get to Dan Dillon a couple times but didn’t get a chance to talk with him and I though I saw Buck Lechner also. Actually I was visiting so much I didn’t even get a chance to eat the lunch It’ll be great if Judy’s family reunion and a luncheon hit at the same time again next year.
From Darlene Knutson

50th Wedding Anniversary

Our sons John and Michael planned a surprise anniv. party for us to take place at the groom’s dinner on May 18th. (Michael and Lindsay were getting married in our meadow on the 19th. of May.)

It was great and a total surprise. The e-mails were flying with folks sending their memories of our past, which my sister put into scrolls on a memory tree for us to read at leisure.

I had always wanted a limo ride so on the day following our anniv. date we met in the cities and went to some neat places with our family.

Truly some good memories for us!!

Darlene and Gary

Michael and Lindsay-newly-weds-on left. Son John with wife Dawn and son Soren on the far left, Cedar on the right.

Red Wing, MN
From Jim Brooks

maybe I'll get a little respect now??????

Jim sent this clipping from his Irish Gazette publication:
Click It!

Then Ruth Hanson sent a similar one which was in the Fargo Forum:
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1/5/12 - 1/8/12
From Several on Bison Football

NDSU Bison play NCAA Div 1 Championship on Saturday in Texas
Hey NODAKs: Get ready, the HERD is going to Texas to meet Sam Houston State in Div I on Saturday!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! It is 85 deg. here in Sunny CA today. I will listen to the audio on my computer as I have done on recent games at the very least!! My cousin Kris Groberg is a Professor at NDSU currently. See my new shirt in picture below!!!

Dick Lundstrom
My Neice is married to Scotty Hazelton & of course my sister is in Texas now. I'll have to fwd her all the parties. Thanks. :-)
Helen Ostby Just
Dino, Thanks for the heads up. I sent the following to Dick Lundstrom, who must also be an NDSU alum. "Sure beats sitting in the stands with 1,00 others watching them get beat by Augustana or Morningside! After all those years of humiliation until, I think, about '65 or '66. I was in grad school at Tulane when they went to the "Pecan Bowl" in Texas. Been great ever since. But I went to games from grade school through college at NDSU and they were terrible. Today's students don't realize what they have." And for years I had to work with UND alumni who were not kind! Would like to have attended but I couldn't even get Homecoming tickets the two times I was in Fargo. Will watch it on ESPN. Someday I'll write an article for the Cynosure about the trip my son and I made to Sacramento to watch the Bison beat Montana in the old Camellia Bowl (1969), when my Volvo broke down on the way into town. Believe me, ESPN is easier,if less exciting. Jim T
Jim Teigen
I'm watching the game now in HD. Go Bison Go. Bruce Stainbrook
Sure, I don't know how many share my indignation at the lack of respect. But that may all be erased in a few hours. It's 3 minutes to game time. Got to go.
Jim T
Jim Teigen
We did it!!!! Great to be able to watch it on ESPN2 vs the earlier games using audio on my computer. I graduated from NDSU 50 years ago this year so it is a good way to celebrate!! Dino-hope to see you folks one day soon in Las Vegas or you can visit here and we can get together with Jim up in Ventura. Dick
Dick Lundstrom
Happy Days Are Here Again. Jim Teigen
The big win makes one proud to be from Fargo and ND. The Bison exhibited great talent and fantastic sportsmanship. Great January fun! Mary Colwell Erickson
FYI talk about loyal SU fans-------------over 10000 people went to Texas to watch us beat the Bearcats--great game , I doubt if Texas knew what hit them. I think they thought it would be a piece of cake. I remember all those years while I was there we struggled so hard. 3 plane loads, several buses and an unknown number of cars. My nephew (among many of my realtives) was there, said it was fantastic with all those SU fans ,they had a really good time. Chickie
Carolee "Chickie" Arneson Bakkemo
Your're so right on Jim Teigen..... My husband Bruce Larson; would of ,said the same. He died in 2007. Had good parties but not a winning team, back in the days...
Ann Revell Larson
From Bobby Korum

Dino, I loved the pictures, thanks for sending them. I still remember cub scout days. Mrs. Moseman our den mother. She was just great. Bob Korum
From Andi Hunter

Dear Dino,
I came accros the following site and thought people might enjoy it. It shows some of our classmates doing the hula.
[Includes note] - But after the snow, the islands call, and Den 6 of Fargo's Cub Scouts are prepared. Pictured are Jerry Moseman, David Wallace, Allan Johnson, and Bobby Korum in the Pioneer Life Courtyard in 1946-1947.
From Lynn Airheart

Lots of pictures of Fargo in the early 1900s.
Lynn Airheart Brandvold
Fargo Forum
Bob & Ruth Stefonowicz

An open house to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Bob and Ruth Stefonowicz will be from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday in the Summit Condo Community Room, 3434 28th St. S., Fargo.

They were married in 1961 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Fargo. Bob and Ruth are both retired teachers.
They have three children, Susan Stefonowicz, Fergus Falls, Minn.; Pam Passariello, Bismarck; and David (Teri) Stefonowicz, Lakeville, Minn.; and nine grandchildren.
From Mary Borland (A digest)

I was so touched to read about my dad (Note: See 4/24/11 below) whom I adored, and also about our friendship which began as little girls (4 yrs old?) playing house or cave or whatever under a card table with a blanket thrown over it. Our moms and her grandma, Petra, made fabulous Christmas cookies which Andi and I sampled on and off during the day when we emerged from our "house". We've been great friends ever since, old friends are the best! Mary
P.S. Your prom memories arrived on my birthday, a great gift from both of you! Mary
From Andi Hunter

When The Forum asked readers to share memories and photos of their proms, I took a trip back in time and remembered my senior prom - in 1958 - at Fargo Central High School.
It started in a bed at St. Luke's hospital where, the day before the prom, Dr. V.G. Borland had removed my appendix. Borland's daughter was not only a classmate but also a good friend of mine.
As I recall, I wanted to draw a diagram on my belly to indicate where the incision should be so as not to go above the line of a bikini I had gotten in France a few years earlier. My mother wouldn't let me do it.
Regardless, prom customs were a little different then.
At that time, the guys often gave the girls a stuffed animal rather than a corsage for prom. The day after my surgery, my date, Bo Jarfors, came to the hospital with a fuzzy little dog. It had a music box inside and when you turned the dog's tail, it played, 'How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?'
Since my memories of my prom were not the usual ones, I emailed a few questions to about 10 of my classmates to collect their pre- and post-prom anecdotes.
No one responded.
So I called six of them. Their memories were dim and dimmer, to put it mildly. So much for some once-in-a-lifetime recollections. Fairy tales? I don't think so.
However, I did garner a few flashbacks.
My old friend Barb Hoaby said her date was classmate Ray Smith, and when I asked her what they did after the dance, she said they parked and smooched.
Margaret Hamilton in Minnesota went to the prom with classmate Gordie Aamoth.
Sue Bohlig in Michigan remembered her date was Brad Ansley and that her dress was strapless and pumpkin-colored with a white eyelet in which the zipper got caught. She has children and grandchildren and said that what she likes about proms today is that girls can go in a group without dates.
Jim Teigen in California said his date was Bev Forsberg and that after the dance, a bunch of them went out to El Zagal bowl, turned on their car radios and danced some more. Jim had a 1938 Chevy.
Norm Wolseth didn't remember anything, but he thought 'How Fargo of You' by Marc de Celle was a great book and that I should read it.
However, when I called Dave Williams in Iowa, I hit pay dirt. Dave not only remembered his junior date, Mary Weible, but his senior date, Susan Akeley. He said Susan wore one of the most beautiful dresses he had ever seen. It was emerald green.
For both the junior and senior dances, Dave bought a white sport coat and wore a pink carnation. Classmates will remember the significance of that.
Best of all, Dave fished through a box of memorabilia and found the following announcement from the Fargo Central High School Cynosure, Thursday, March 20, 1958:
'Dinez Vous? Dansez Vous? Rendezvous?
'Committees are buzzing with activity as this year's Junior Senior Banquet and Prom creep nearer and nearer. The theme for the event on April 26 will be Parisian Rendezvous.
'The banquet will be held at Concordia with the dance following at Ben Franklin. Francis Colby will provide music for the dance. The Parisian theme will be carried out in the decorations.
'The entertainment and decoration committees are working hard to make this prom the biggest and best ever. Gary Hunt is chairman of the entertainment committee and Marianne Stafne and Kay Hulebak are heading the decoration committee.'
I went to my first formal dance with Dave Williams at the Tree Top when we were freshmen at Ben Franklin. When I talked to him, he remembered the color of my dress, too. What a guy.