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I have some warm memories also. Over 45 years ago, on the eve of my marriage to my wife, we had our "grooms dinner" (now called a "rehearsal dinner") at the Silver Moon.

My ship was in port for the first time in many months, I flew home on Friday (the day before the wedding) got married on Saturday and flue back to Norfolk, Va on Sunday. My wife of these 45 years really took a chance (we grew up together but she had not seen me for many months before the I flew home).

Good memories and the Silver Moon will always be part of them.
Hi Y'all,
This note on the Silver Moon brought back many fond memories from long ago. When the Silver Moon (Cafe) Supper Club was still located on Main Avenue in Moorhead, it was owned by Bill Kenny. If my memory serves me correctly, I think that he bought the business around 1946 and it was just two doors from my dad's furnace and sheet metal business (The Nord Furnace Co.). In between my dad's business and the Silver Moon was Jensen Heating and Sheet Metal owned by Sparky Jensen. My dad and Bill Kenny became very good friends and I remember as a little kid following my dad to the Silver Moon many times for a quick adult beverage - after work. I of course only was allowed to have a soft drink of my choice.

When my dad died in 1948, we as a family only had the company pickup truck. So for dad's funeral, Bill Kenny loaned us his brand new 1948 Oldsmobile with a Hydramatic (automatic transmission). I remember my uncle taking me for a ride in this very modern machine and showing me how this new innovation worked. I wasn't very thrilled with the car because it left very little for the driver to do, and I thought the floorboard on the driver's side looked weird because the clutch pedal was missing. At the time I thought maybe Oldsmobile built it for a one legged person.

Shortly after my dad died, my mother partnered up with her brother (my uncle) and continued to operate the furnace business under the new name of The Nord - Wigesland Furnace Co. As the years rolled by Jensen Heating went out of business and Bill Kenny bought his building and expanded the Silver Moon into the old Jensen Heating building. In the early Sixties, my Uncle became seriously ill as a result of being a prisoner of the Germans during WW II and could no longer operate the furnace business. My mom and uncle then sold the building to Bill Kenny which became another part of the growing Silver Moon.

While working for the furnace company during the summers in high school, I often would take an afternoon break at the Silver Moon for a delicious warm apple pie ala mode. Hmmmmm..... wished I had some right now.

Bill Kenny was a real gentleman and apparently very kind to his emplyees because as I recall most of his crew was with him all of the years that I frequented the Silver Moon. Sorry to see this chapter of history closing.
Portraits: Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson of West Fargo has a thing for trucks
By: David Samson, INFORUM
Bob Johnson of West Fargo has a thing for trucks. He has more than 200 of them in his die-cast collection that he likes to show off. One of his favorites is the one he purchased two years ago, a real 1949 Mack L Model 95 firetruck. "It has a 707-cubic-inch motor, it holds 11 gallons of oil and 10 gallons of fluids and dual systems like two distributors to keep things running during a fire," said Johnson. "It was originally from Litchfield, Minn., and was the biggest pumper truck at that time." His love for trucks began when he was 17 years old working at Broadway Pure Oil in downtown Fargo, where he was a jack of all trades at the service station. Johnson, now 70, enjoys taking his truck to local parades in the area like West Fest and Bean Days in Horace. When he is not tinkering on his truck, he spends time refurbishing golf carts at Cheney Motors and enjoys following the sprint car circuit, especially the races of local driver Donny Schatz. He is just a typical good ol' boy with his toys, his just happens to be full scale.

Ruth Engh took a couple pics (below) of some of the 58ers at the Detroit Lakes Luncheon on August 11th. I just happened to be there at the same time because my wife's family had a reunion there. It was great seeing so many people and so thought I would share. Sorry we couldn't get a pic of all but there might be more in the next Cynosure. Those attending (I hope I got them all- you know the memory thing), Ruth Engh, Bob Korum, Bruce Hansen, Bruce Monson, Larry French, Patti Nelson, Bob Toussaint, Dick Whiting, Dallas Backer, George Lund, Mike Peterson.

Top - Bruce Monson, Bruce Hansen, Jean Severson Hansen '59 Middle - Mike Peterson, Bob Toussaint Bottom - John Alsop '59, Mike Peterson, Patti Nelson Kurtz, Bob Toussaint, Jackie Meyer Monson '59, Larry French

From the Fargo Forum, Sunday July 18th.

Bob and Shirley (Wallington) Johnson, West Fargo, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the VFW, West Fargo.

They were married Aug. 6, 1960, at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fargo.

They have five children, Kim (Harry) Bullis, West Fargo; Kathy (Lonny) Vigen, Mapleton, N.D.; Carrie (Scott) Erickson, Fargo; Karen Johnson, Phoenix; and Willy (Dana Flanders) Johnson, Hudson, Wis.; 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

I posted a recent article on Don's Hamburgers in Fargo. This is our classmate Bevery Nelson's parents. Article was in the Forum and includes a pic of the cafe.
Mike Peterson

Fargo Forum
An open house to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Bob and Pepper (Sharon) Toussaint, Pelican Lake near Pelican Rapids, Minn., will be from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Fair Hills Resort on Pelican Lake. No gifts, please.

They were married June 25, 1960, at American Lutheran Church, Fargo.
They have five children, Sheri (Mike) Wanzek, Reiles Acres, N.D.; Jeff (Joeleen) Toussaint, Chris (Dave) Furness, Fargo; Allison (Tim) Maneval, Vergas, Minn.; and Mike (Lora) Toussaint, Buffalo, Minn.; and 15 grandchildren.
I remember Rita [Bergh] with a saddened heart, hearing of her passing. We usually sat near each other in class due to an alphabetic seating arrangement and she always had an uplifting spirit which made school fun.
Don Bergoust
Dave Williams sent me the following:

North Dakota the Awesome State
> North Dakota has a budget surplus of some $800 million dollars in the bank.
> Every time the price of gas goes up, my future property taxes are either going to drop or stay the same.
> Every property owner in the state received a REDUCTION in the property taxes for the next 4 years, guaranteed. (The state spent some of our surplus $ on school districts- which allowed corresponding property taxes to drop).
> The 800M surplus above is AFTER the property taxes were reduced.
> College students that are ND residents or whose parents are, can borrow money from the state owned Bank of North Dakota can now borrow at a rate of 1.78%, variable rate, with a 10 year payback.
> The homicide number in North Dakota for 2009 was 2 (yes, that's 2)
> The town of Rugby is the geographical center of North America. A tall stone obelisk marks the location.
> North Dakota was the first state to complete its interstate highway system.
> The parking meter was invented in North Dakota
> North Dakota is the only state in the nation to never have an earthquake.
> Dakota Gasification Company in Beulah is the nation's only synthetic natural gas producer. (And Montana's governor bragged about it on national television!)
> North Dakota has 60 wildlife refuges, more than any other state, and all are managed for waterfowl production.
> North Dakota has more miles of road per capita than any other state - approximately 166 miles of road for every 1,000 people.
> If North Dakota seceded from the Union, it would be the world's third strongest nuclear power.
> North Dakota has the highest number of millionaires per capita than any other state.
> Did you know that North Dakota leads the nation in the production of just about every crop. The state is first in spring wheat, durum wheat, sunflowers, barley, a dry edible beans, pinto beans, canola, flaxseed, all dry edible peas, honey, lentils, and oats.
> Did you know that the highest temperature ever recorded in North Dakota was 121 degrees at Steele in July of 1936? Or that the lowest was -60 degrees at Parshall during the last ice age (kidding, but not about the temperature) in February 1936?
> The fastest-growing city in the state is West Fargo, which has soared from 14,910 residents in 2000 to more than 21,000 last year.
> What is the Sturnella neglecta? It's the scientific name of the state's bird. Can you name it? It's the western meadowlark, a songbird often found on fence posts or signs chirping away.
> Fore! Did you know that North Dakota has more Golf Courses per capita than any other state?
> Ranks #1 as the safest state to live in. (Morgan Quitno 03/05)
> Is one of only eight states with a growing economy (Economy.com)
> Ranks 6th highest in state economic competitiveness. (Beacon Hill Institute, 12/05)
> Had the second highest per capita income growth from 2000-2005. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2005)
> Has more coastline than California due to Lake Sakakawea! (50states.com)
> Fargo-Moorhead ranked as one of America's top Business Opportunity Metros" for 2005. (Expansion Management)
> Ranks #1 for rate of high school completion (01/06 Corporation for Enterprise Development)
> Is one of only two states to increase manufacturing jobs from 2000-2004 (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
> I still leave my garage door unlocked when I am gone so that my neighbor can borrow something if he needs it, (and so does he)
North Dakota, despite over 50 % of the population owning guns, and despite being ranked #4 by the Brady Gun control people, is one of the safest states in which to live. So much for those who claim gun control is the answer.
Jerry Hicks sent me two great photos of the Ben Franklin Basketball Champs of 1955. I've posted them on this page.
From Don Bergoust:
Ladies and Gentlemen- We are forwarding some pictures we took at the Iditorad. A class mate Jim Lanier # 43 [1958 Fargo Central High] is racing.
Don and Lido
Picture 012
Picture 016 (Jim)
Picture 017
Picture 018
From Jim Brooks:
I found this in The Hot Springs Village Voice which is the Largest Arkansas weekley Newspaper .... this is the area that Norm has retired in and where he also has meet other Fargo Central graduates .. Terry Blue for example .. I thought our classmates might like to see our classmate Norm in the news. Norm's email is bignorm@suddenlink.net. [Note: the picture Jim sent is located here]
Jim Lanier is out there mushing again this year. See these websites:
Jim's Profile;
Iditarod's Website;
Video Interview With Jim
From Jim Brooks: The mother-daughter "hockey mom" ad for Wal-Mart that is running on TV during the Olympics features Mindy Greeley and daughter Brooke, of Edina, Minnesota. They are the daughter and granddaughter of Dave Mulholland who graduated with us and lead the Minnesota Gophers to the 1960 national football championship and later the Rose Bowl.
Elmer Nord has pictures of he and some classmates from a recent trip posted out on Shutterfly - Click Here
It truly was a magical night in Fargo for local Author and singing extraordinaire Carl Aabye
By Michael Steele
After many years of hard work and dedication Fargo Author: Carl Aabye now 69 years old has won 1st place in a local Karaoke contest, which took place yesterday at the Basement Bar in Fargo, North Dakota. When Carl was asked, “Were you surprised to win the contest?” Carl smiled and responded that he had never won any contest in his life time before this contest. Moreover, the beautiful and seductive 2nd place contest winner Chantelle walked up and gave Carl a big wet kiss on his cheek just before she congratulated Carl for his what she called “a stunning performance.” Carl’s rendition of Johnny Cash’s: Big River had the audience star struck; the men were gazing while the women were swooning. Moreover, big momma Jones fainted as Carl briefly brushed up against her as Carl walked off of the stage. When asked the question, “What’s next Carl?” Carl eagerly responded that he was going to wait in anticipation for his contract to arrive in the mail; the contract according to Carl would allow him to participate in the next phase of the contest according to Pepper of Pepper’s Karaoke fame.
Elmer Nord sent a Power Point Sound/Video along with these words;
"Hi ya'll,
Ahhhhh for the memories, can we relate to most of these or what....... I must confess that I have been "stuck" in the fifties for some time now. The more that I see of today's events, the more that I want to revert back to a better time. I know that realistically we can never go back to those days, however we can keep them alive in our memories forever. What a neat trip back to "Somewhere in Time." I hope ya'll enjoy this video, cause I did!! :-)"
Play It Here (You need the PowerPoint Program or Reader to see this video. You can get a free PowerPoint Reader by clicking here.
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