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13 September 2017

13 September 2017 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Photo by Clinton Kurtz

21 classmates. Large group made picture taking difficult so we apologize if we didn't get everyone in a good photo.

Photo by Orian Fjestad

Back Row: Steve Larson, Dave Neubauer, Dave Nelson, George Lund, Bill Karges, Bruce Stainbrook, Joel Thurlow, Mike Peterson, Marv Setness, Bob Toussaint, Bud McCroskey.
Front Row: Jane Ann Hunter, Ruth Engh, Delberta Dawson, Miriam Malkmus, Ruth Hanson, Mary Fosteson, Stephanie Matthiasson, Connie Blumhardt, Patty Nelson, Janice Westerberg.

Photo by Phyllis Thurlow

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9 August 2017

9 August 2017 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Sorry, no picture this month. Attendees: George Lund, Bruce Stainbrook, Joan Thimgan, Ruth Hanson, Ben Woessner, Stephanie Matthiasson, Jerry Pladson, Gerry Maxson, Ruth Engh.

12 July 2017

12 July 2017 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon
Front row: Ruth Engh, Stephanie Matthiasson, Mary Fosteson, Connie Blumhardt, Dallas Backer, Bob Toussaint.
Back row: Bruce Stainbrook, Marv Setness, Jim Lanier, Joel Thurlow, Ben Woessner.
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20 June 2017

Remembering the 1957 Tornado

14 September 2016

14 September 2016 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Front row: Jim Teigen, Ruth Engh, Stephanie Matthiasson, Connie Blumhardt, Patti Nelson, Gerry Maxson, Jane Ann Hunter, Joan Thimgan, Miriam Malkmus, George Lund, Ben Woessner.

Back row: Bruce Hansen, Bob Toussaint, Joel Thurlow, Dave Nelson, Delberta Dawson, Jim Frisk, Craig McComb, Marvin Setness, Mike (Dino) Peterson, Dallas Backer (not in both).

10 August 2016

10 August 2016 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon
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Thanks to Patti Nelson and Ben Woessner for the pictures.
Date should be 10 August 2016.

13 July 2016

13 July 2016 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Sorry, no picture this month. Attendees: Nellie Lockhart, Fran Myers, Connie Blumhart, Maggie Hamilton, Mary Jo Powers, Mary Fosteson, George Baker and Ruth Engh.

8 June 2016

8 June 2016 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Ruth Engh, Patty Nelson, George Lund, Delberta Dawson, Mary Fosteson, Joel Thurlow, Stephanie Matthiasson, Bud McCrosky, Beverly Henderson
Thanks to Patty Nelson for the pic.

April 2016

A compilation of the class discussion on remembering 1940-1950's Neighborhood Grocery Stores.

December 2015

Hello, and holiday greetings!

Just read that Fargo's Horace Mann Elementary School on December 6 celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the day students first entered the then-new building.

I attended Horace Mann for first, second, and sixth grades (Hawthorne for third, fourth, and fifth).

The programs for the May 18, 1948, piano recital and the December 14, 1951, Christmas program constitute about half of my total Horace Mann archive.

I'm sure I could today perform the Grandfather role much more convincingly than I did then, since I now have some years of experience as a grandfather and also have a beard.

The two Wise Men whose names aren't clear on the program are David Hamry and Dave Mulholland.

Donn McLellan

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Comments from classmates:

That is too precious. Thank you and have a very Blessed Christmas. 19 December - Jerome Larson.
Thanks so much for the old programs. 1948. Wow! I went to Jefferson grade school, but I certainly recognize and remember several of the names. Good to hear from you, and Merry Christmas. 19 December - Jim Lanier.
Thank you so much for forwarding this what a fun thing! too bad I can't remember! I loved it! 19 December - Sue Nelson.
What a memory flogger! I don't remember the play, but recall getting caught by Miss Garmann, while participating in a snowball fight, my costume trailing behind me on a hanger and interfering with snowball accuracy. My mom had to wash the costume which somehow survived the fight. I'd forgotten that Miss garmann lived right across the street from the school and had a clear view of the snowball fight, which I'm sure was won by my side. The snow was rather soft and dirty that day, good for snowballs. Maybe that's why name was not originally included on the program, and my future as an actor was cut short. Thanks for the memories. 20 December - Jim Teigen.
Surprised to see my name on the list. I have no memory at all of the time or play. Memories, memories, ............, but I'm smiling. 20 December - Dennis Shafer.
I went to a Centennial party at Horace Mann this past fall. It was an opportunity to tour the building which brought back so many memories of rooms repurposed and teachers for those rooms. My older cousins were with me and we reminisced about the changes taking place in just a few years that we were there. First it was a junior hight and then an elementary school. Mostly at the party, I felt a sense of community that is rare now days. A neighborhood that remembers tradition as something to be continued. Don was my first crush and I tried to show him how much I admired him. Those days are long ago but the memories are still strong. One small thing I do is to save box tops for them. Maybe next year I will volunteer in other ways too. Patti. 23 December - Patti Roach.
12 November 2015

Fargo Memories by David Jensen
Article appearing in the Number 3 2015 Cynosure

12 November 2015

In Retrospect by George Sandul
Article appearing in the Number 3 2015 Cynosure

9 September 2015

9 September 2015 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

Ruth Engh, Dallas Backer, Miriam Malkmus, Delberta Dawson, Lynn Airheart, JoAnn Herrmann, Mary Olson, Patty Nelson, Stephanie Matthiasson
Not pictured: Erlys Davenport

12 August 2015

12 August 2015 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon

L to R - Karen Fluegel, Ruth Engh, Belva Arneson, George Baker, Mary Fosteson, George Lund, Patty Carlson, Connie Blumhardt, Nancy Lynch, Dallas Backer, Stephanie Matthiasson, Joel Thurlow, Patty Nelson, Ruth Hanson, Jerry Pladson
Not in picture - Bob Toussaint and Bob Eidsvold

Ruth Hanson and husband Bob Stefonowicz

Jerry Pladson and wife Jean

Nancy Lynch and Bob Toussaint

Mary Fosteson and husband Jerry Schutz

Joel Thurlow and wife Phyllis

Ruth Engh

Patty Carlson and George Lund

Patty Nelson and Stephanie Matthiasson

Patty Carlson and Belva Arneson

Connie Blumhardt and husband Bud Lundberg

Karen Fluegel

George Baker

Patty Carlson and Dallas Backer
10 June 2015

10 June 2015 Detroit Lakes FCHS Luncheon
Larger View

Row 1: Dallas Backer, Ruth Engh, Connie Blumhardt, Mary Fosteson, Patty Nelson, Belva Arneson, Stephanie Matthiasson, Bob Toussaint
Row 2: Joel Thurlow, Jerry Pladsen, Ben Woessner.

February-March 2015
Halgrimson, Forum Columnist With 'Lucky' Life

Andi's Obituary

Comments from classmates:
Wow! Tough news about Andrea. I did send her an email. I have enjoyed her Forum articles over the years.
6 February - Bruce Stainbrook
I sent this off to Andy today. Thought you might appreciate. I cannot imagine another reunion without her.

It was the tracks
Neither side right or wrong
Bridged by Central High
But never by a Potluck.

It was your free spirit
Threading confusion
Through Presbyterian
And "Young Republican" roots.

It was Lantz dresses
And Shotwells and
Ship and Shore blouses
That I worshipped

That you snubbed
While you skated
On the thin ice of convention
Wrote your own "Seventeen"

Your devotion to family
To your hometown
To everything democratic
Outgrew the elms on your street.

Your life is well spent
Your humor a blessing
I should have grown up sooner
If you were my neighbor.

PS. I am a loyal Democrat of 50 years and proud to hold hands with you today.
Love, Susan and Barry
7 February - Susan Bohlig McBride
In response to Sue's poem:
What a fun, dear, and right on target recollection of our time in Fargo and at Fargo High! Thanks so much for sharing! I am so very sad about Andi, I emailed her today. Our mothers were friends and baked Christmas cookies together each December, while Andi and I, as quite little girls, played under and around a card table with a blanket draped over the top. Of course, we visited our Moms and Petra in the kitchen for a cookie every now and then! ....
....Andi's and my paths also crossed ice skating at the Arena and, in the summer, on Pelican Lake. What a bright, fun, and accomplished person she is!!!
My heart aches for the difficult journey she faces!
Thanks for being in touch!
Mary B. G.
7 February - Mary Goldberg
Andrea, I think I screwed up this email. However, I wanted to wish you a great Valentine's Day. You are a lady who went out of her way to make sure others enjoyed themselves with you and who always was available to help.
Sorry, to hear you are ill. I wish you a happy Valentines day with many wishes and many great memories.
13 February - Diane Trovatten
It saddens me to think that Andrea is no longer among us---I have great memories of many nights at her home on Broadway--I knew her from the time I was very young--started with ice skating, potlucks etc--many great times--it is a really sad time for me.
24 February - Sally Burt Smith
Thanks for the wonderful article on Andrea. Always a friend, a trendsetter in high school, transmitter of exotic knowledge that she somehow knew (maybe all of those files PLUS coming from a decidedly well-connected and socially responsible family). Cook and food appreciator par excellence. Gourmet, for sure. It is evident from comments that she was well loved and respected as well as being a backbone at all reunions of our 1958 class. I will miss her terribly. Her last words to me were that it's not so bad to know you are going to die when you can tell the people you love that you love them. A legacy from Andrea.
25 February - Karen Wold Rechtschaffen
Andi and I were in the same potluck and I have so many fond memories.
  25 February - Mary Fosteson Schutz
......We knew each other as little girls, our moms were good friends and baked Christmas cookies together at her house with her grandmother, Petra Krantz every December, while Andi and I played under a card table with a blanket askew across the top. We made frequent trips to the kitchen for wonderful cookies, still warm! Our friendship continued through ice skating at the Arena, plus visits back and forth at the lake. She was so bright, fun, and talented with a great sense of humor! She'll be sorely missed and fondly remembered......
25 February - Mary Goldberg
Good for you, Andrea, and I will miss. The bit about Kennedy hits home because I was there too, at your hacienda. He asked me for a swimming suit, and I found two. We both went swimming in your family's pool.
26 February - Jim Lanier
We have lost a very dear class-mate...
4 March - Ann Revell Larson