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Added Obituary for Morris Nather - 6 March
Updated the Farewell Page - 6 March
Added Obituary for Teacher Harlow Berquist - 27 February
Added Obituary for Teacher Acey Olson - 27 February
Updated 60th Reunion Page - 25 February
Added Obituary for Kathy Enget - 25 February
Added Obituary for Barbara Hoaby - 22 February
Added Obituary for Daniel Martin - 22 February
Added Obituary for Karen Schiebold - 13 February
Added Bio Data for Jerome Larson - 13 February
Updated Events Page - 16 January
Updated Alumni Page - 16 January
Updated Swanks Car Club Page - 16 January
Added Obituary for Alan Klitzke - 15 November
Added Obituary for Bea Ihlenfeld - 3 November

Map Of Where Central High Was Located

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